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Friday, May 1, 2009


Sorry I haven't blogged for awhile. Life has been so busy! Aaron is doing good besides he really is missing us and they are working him like a dog. He's up at 5 am usually, sometimes 4 am ready dressed and on the field for drills. He has to eat in 5 minutes since of our last name he gets served last :( poor guy. Well, the good news is he only has 3 weeks left... YIPPEE. If, you find time please send him a note he would love it! And pray, pray and pray when ever you think of him. He can really use them right now! Love you all and I will blog soon!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Coupon's sell great on eBay

Do you want to start selling on eBay, but not quite sure what to sell? If, you have the time you can make a steady income clipping coupons. What the buyer is paying you for is your time to find, sort, list and send the coupons. Many stay-at-home mom's have been able to work from home by just doing this.

You can find coupon inserts in your local newspaper every Sunday. I would recommend either asking your friends and family for their unused inserts or buy newspapers in bulk the day after from your local convenient store. You can usually buy them for 1/2 off on Monday. I would recommend starting with a minimum of 20 papers. Sell them in quantities of 10 or 20 (that part is up to you and what works for you).

Go do some research on eBay you will be surprised. I do have some more tips if you are interested in starting a coupon business on eBay. Just comment me and give me your email address and I can email them to you.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

What to sell on eBay? Gift Cards

Yes! You would be amazed what gift cards sell for. Most of us have some sort of gift card in our wallet that we have been carrying around for months. The good news is they are worth close to what the dollar value is left on them. You can even sell partially used ones as well. Last week I sold a gift card that had a value of $25 for $23. I did offer free shipping so I had to pay for that, but not to shabby for a card that I have been carrying for months and no way of using the city I live in!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Plant YOUR seed...

I've always been a person to write down goals. The truth of it is, if you wanna be successful at anything you need to set goals. I like to think of it as planting a seed. You have a seed (idea) and when you plant it (set your goal) and begin to water and care for it (working your eBay business) you reap the benefits of beautiful flower (money in your pocket). Here's some of my personal goals I have for myself. I continue to meet and surpass my goals one step at a time and so will you! Remember your actions will follow your thoughts. Feed your mind with thoughts of hope and success!

  • Make $100 on eBay per week.
  • Make $100 on eBay on every Saturday & Sunday.
  • Make $1500 on eBay per month month.
  • Make $100 on eBay per day.
  • Make $200 on eBay on every Saturday & Sunday.
  • Make $4000 on eBay per month.
  • Make $200 on eBay per day.
  • Make $400 on eBay on every Saturday & Sunday.
  • Make $8000 on eBay per month.
  • Make$1000 on eBay per day!!!!

Enjoy your eBay journey. Learn to become a pack horse, not a race horse! It doesn't matter how long it takes you to the finish line. All that matters is if you make it over!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pampered Chef Sells Spicy Hot on eBay

I know most of us have gone to a Pampered Chef party and purchased something. Not only to support your friend who invited you to the party, but also try some new kind of gadget (I'm a nut for gadgets). After about 6 months we realize we really don't use that fancy apple peeler or that food chopper we just couldn't live without. Well, the good news is Pampered Chef sells wonderful on eBay. Last week I sold one of those fancy food choppers, I just couldn't live without. I originally paid $29. I used it a few times and then sold it for over $20 used : ) I love eBay! Also you can look in second hand stores for Pampered Chef. You will normally only pay a couple dollars for each item.
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